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30 Apr
The Draft Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)/Pioneer Valley Plan for Progress Five-Year Update 2019 for the Pioneer Valley region is now available!
04 Jun
Commercial spinoffs and startup companies associated with the University of Massachusetts, advocacy from the Amherst Business Improvement District and engaged and well-educated residents can be the foundation for the town’s future economy.
31 May
While restaurants remain strong and more dining options could be successful, there are challenges to bringing more retail establishments to Amherst, according to a draft report and analysis provided to town officials.
05 Jan
2017 was a banner year for economic growth in the Pioneer Valley. Several of Springfield’s economic development projects came to fruition in 2017, and more are on the way with an expected $5-billion in investment for the region.
28 Dec
The purpose of the Village Enterprise Center is to assist in the economic development of the Hilltowns, through education and partnership with businesses and organizations throughout the Hilltowns of Western Massachusetts, as well as serve as a community resource for Hilltown residents.
27 Jun
Final 2017 CEDS cover
2017 Annual Update of the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) for the Pioneer Valley region
17 Nov
The Hilltown Collaborative, which is comprised of the communities of Russell, Huntington, Montgomery, Blandford, Chester and Middlefield, is preparing an Economic Development Strategy that will outline recommendations to increase tourism and business development in the six towns.
21 Oct
NEW BRITAIN, Conn. — If the economy of the Knowledge Corridor of Massachusetts and Connecticut is to grow, the Hartford/Springfield-centered region is going to have to live up to its nickname.
21 Oct
SPRINGFIELD — What are the current economic challenges and opportunities confronting former industrial hubs such as Hartford, Chicopee, New Haven, Springfield, and New Britain?