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21 Oct
Officially, the program was action item 7 in an update of the region’s Plan for Progress, first drafted by the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission (PVPC)  more than two decades ago and revised several times since to reflect changes and new priorities.
14 Sep
Agawam Connecticut Riverwalk and Bikeway
As students across Western Massachusetts return to school, we are reminded here at the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission of how central the outcomes of this school year will be to our region's future prosperity.
06 Jul
By: The Republican Business Desk July 6, 2016 SPRINGFIELD---A panel of economic development leaders representing the Pioneer Valley's urban core of Springfield, Chicopee, Westfield and Holyoke came together last week to discuss a recent report issued by MassINC's Gateway City Innovation Institute on Transformative Development.
21 Jun
FINAL 2016 CEDS cover
The 2016 Annual Update of the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) for the Pioneer Valley region is now available.
11 Apr
2016 Draft CEDS
The Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) is a companion document to the region’s Plan for Progress, described below, and provides a means for regional collaboration to define and advance key economic interests o
04 Aug
Entrepreneurial spirit(s) in the Pioneer Valley... Guest authored by Thom Fox Valley Fest will highlight more than 50 craft-beer brewers, introducing their products to thousands of New England aficionados. But it's more than a celebration of craft beer. Valley Fest is evidence of Springfield's ongoing entrepreneurial renaissance.
29 Jul
Guest authored by Dan Hodge and Chris Sikes - While the Pioneer Valley has long been known for its large number of esteemed colleges and universities and a few large private companies and hospitals (e.g., MassMutual and Baystate Health), the region’s economy is largely driven by its small to medium-sized businesses. 
06 Jul
Guest authored by Marla Michel In early June, a really cool thing happened in the Pioneer Valley:  a civic hackathon. I know what you’re thinking.  “Hackathon?  What’s that?”  Don’t be scared.  The FBI is not going to come get you because you said the word.
01 Jun
The last in a series of four WGBY Connecting Point shows on the Plan for Progress will air tonight, June 1st. Jim Madigan talks with four community and regional leaders who are highly accomplished at outreach and collaboration.
20 May
Valley Venture Mentors
Three years ago(ish), I walked into a conference room at Bulkley, Richardson and Gelinas for a Valley Venture Mentors Meeting.  I couldn't tell you how I wound-up there, but I’m glad I did.  Back then VVM (what the cool kids call it), consisted of 20 or so mentors helping early stage entrepreneurs grow their business.  The mentorship model hasn't changed much, but VVM has gone through an amazing transformation.