The Pioneer Valley Planning Commission is the public planning agency serving the planning, policy, development, and service needs of the region’s 43 cities and towns. 

In the twenty-first century, that means creating an economically competitive region that respects history, protects resources, supports technology, builds infrastructure, and fosters education—all within larger regional, national, and global frameworks. 

The Pioneer Valley Planning Commission is shaping the future of the commonwealth’s 21st century heartland region. We specialize in:

  • Smart plans
  • Savvy partnerships
  • Solid execution
  • Sustainable mindset
  • Strategic regional progress

Find out more about our latest projects, learn about our ongoing work, and discover how PVPC is the catalyst for regional progress in the Pioneer Valley—and beyond. 

Our Core Plans

The Valley Vision plan lays out a detailed strategy to promote compact, mixed use growth in and around urban, town, and village centers while promoting the protection of open space and natural resources outside the developed center. 

Cover of Valley Vision 4: The Regional Land Use Plan

The purpose of the Climate Action and Clean Energy Plan is to promote greater understanding of the causes and consequences of climate change in the Pioneer Valley. The plan is intended to help the people of the region respond to climate-related changes in their communities by creating workable strategies for local and regional actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including greater use and production of clean and renewable energy, and protect their communities from climate-related damage.

The new 2015 Plan for Progress is the region's economic development strategy, setting forth a broad vision of "A strong, innovative, engaging, and vibrant economy and quality of life that fosters prosperity and sustainability and is driven by collaborative leadership."

The RTP for the Pioneer Valley outlines the direction of transportation planning and improvements for the region for the next 20 years. The RTP provides the basis for the TIP as well as state and federal funding for regional transportation planning and projects.