Massachusetts municipalities awarded $30.5 million in Community Development Block Grants: How much did your town get?

02 Aug 2017

Last week, the Baker-Polito administration awarded 39 Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) to 58 communities across Massachusetts. In total, the grants amount to $30.5 million.  

These types of grants are frequently used to assist with development projects in cities and towns, often focusing on low- and moderate-income residents, or on revitalization efforts.

“Flexible block grant funding allows our cities and towns to respond to specific local needs,” said Governor Baker, in a statement regarding the grants. “These investments will support long-term economic growth and positive changes in transportation infrastructure, housing markets, and community spaces.”

“Residents across the Commonwealth will see tangible improvements in their communities through this year’s Community Development Block Grants,” said Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito, in a statement. “These awards will offer support at the local level, allowing municipalities to pursue a bright future for their community.”

Find out how much each community received below. 

{PVPC Note: below please see the CDBG awards resulting from partnerships between those communities and the PVPC equaling $5.3 million or 25% of the “competitive” funds (excluding Mini-entitlements) awarded state-wide​}

Chester will receive $800,000 for infrastructure improvements to Hampden Street.
North Brookfield
North Brookfield will receive $799,808 for infrastructure improvements to North Common Street.
Russell, Huntington, Middlefield and Chester
Russell, Huntington, Middlefield and Chester will receive $1,183,165 for housing rehabilitation assistance to 8 units and infrastructure improvements to Main and Old Westfield roads.
Spencer will receive $788,890 to provide infrastructure improvements to Chestnut Street and support a food pantry.
Ware, Warren and Hardwick
Ware, Warren and Hardwick will receive $1,053,100 for housing rehabilitation services to 24 units and to support social services for senior outreach, youth services, domestic violence prevention, adult education and community health.
Warren will receive $675,320 for Quaboag Street infrastructure improvements and domestic violence prevention services.