Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) Development Schedule

18 Sep 2014


Completion Date

RTP Outline

October 2014

Focus Groups

November 2014

Existing Conditions (Chapters 1 – 7)

December 2014

Public Participation – Plan Outreach

January/February 2015

Environmental Consultation

April 2015

Draft Regional Performance Measures

April/May 2015

Draft RTP

May 2015

30 day Public Comment

June/July 2015

Plan Endorsement

August 2015


RTP Focus Groups – Focus Groups assist in the development of the goals and objectives of the RTP. A core group of representatives will be invited to participate in a 2 hour discussion that is facilitated by PVPC staff.

  • Infrastructure
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian
  • Transit
  • Environment, Sustainability and Climate Change
  • Freight – proposed new focus group


Public Participation - Plan Outreach:  In the past PVPC staff has presented elements of the draft RTP at six public meetings.  These meetings have been geographically spread across the region (Amherst, Chesterfield, Northampton, Springfield, Ware, and Westfield) and attendance is typically very low. 

  • Send a short notice on the need for public participation on the RTP to City Councils and Select Boards to be read into public record as part of the official public comment portion of the meeting.
  • Develop a virtual presentation to be made available on the PVPC webpage – audio could potentially be available in a number of languages.
    • Make this presentation available to local communities to play on local cable access channels.
    • Ask communities to link this presentation to their community website.
    • Develop a questionnaire tied to the presentation to request public input specific to the RTP.
      • Ask local boards and committees to include the presentation and survey as an agenda item for future meeting.
    • Up to three public presentations during the evening in January.
    • Additional presentations to special interest groups as requested.
  • Two public presentations during the 30 day public participation period for the Draft RTP.