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21 Feb
This is a copy of the presentation on the 2020 Update to the Regional Transportation Plan given to the Pioneer Valley Commissioners at their meeting on February 21, 2019. Continuing, Comprehensive, and Cooperative Planning Process
03 May
CLICK HERE to view the Draft Regional Transportation Model The Draft Regional Transportation Model Update will be available for comment until June 11, 2016.
03 May
Travel demand forecasting is a major step in the transportation planning process.  By simulating the current roadway conditions and the travel demand on those roadways, deficiencies in the system are identified.  This is an important tool in planning future network enhancements and analyzing currently proposed projects
03 Nov
PUBLIC PARTICIPATION NOTICE (click here to view document)
03 Nov
The PVMPO recognizes the importance of operating in concert with MassDOT and as such adopts the values, goals and principles, as included in their Public Participation Plan (2014).
26 Aug
No one likes to be stuck in traffic.  Roadway congestion is frustrating because its causes are usually out of the driver’s control.  Further, what seems like a “major traffic jam” to one person might be “just a little delay” to another.  In either case, the consequences of excessive traffic conge
29 Jun
The Pioneer Valley Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) outlines the direction of transportation planning and improvements for the Pioneer Valley through the year 2040.  It provides the basis for all state and federally