Summer Sunset at Gooseberry Farm in West Springfield, MA
Crab Apple blossoms in Springfield
Historic West Springfield home in summertime
Summer flowers

News & Announcements

Storrowton Green, Eastern States Exposition, West Springfield, MA

The Hampden County Health Coalition, Partners for a Healthier Community, and Pioneer Valley Planning Commission invites the public to join them for the release and presentation of the Hampden County community-wide Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) on March 31 beginning at 10:00 AM at the Municipal Office Building of West Springfield.

28 Mar


Pioneer Valley Planning Commission Public Records electronic downloads.

Click here to download available public records.  

27 Mar

Springfield has built it. Now will they come? The newly restored Union Station, set to open in June as a hub for train and bus service — with commercial offices and retail outlets — is a stunning mix of old and new, as historic touches blend with state-of-the-art slickness.

22 Mar

Southwick and Granville received a combined grant of $900,000 which focused on housing rehabilitation, improvements on Veteran Street in Southwick, and an upgrade to the Our Community Food Pantry in Southwick.

22 Mar
Mass Moves

Transportation is central to all our lives: it is how we get to work, doctor appointments, school, gatherings with family and friends, and more. Our transportation system—designed for the 20th century— needs a vision and action plan for this century.

21 Mar