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Agawam Connecticut Riverwalk and Bikeway

Squindo and Strange are on a town committee working with the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission to meet the AARP’s requirements for an Age-Friendly Community.

22 Jan

The town’s Master Plan Steering Committee is underway and working with the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission (PVPC) to determine in what direction the town will be moving over the next few years. With funding through a grant, the PVPC has contracted with Barrett Consulting for help with planning. McNally told the council there will be a public outreach session on Feb. 13 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. to receive opinions from residents on what should be in Master Plan.

22 Jan

Douglas Halla data manager and analyst with the PVPC, and part of the agency’s policy center working group, will be making the presentation.

22 Jan

Senior planner for the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission, John O’Leary, who also serves as the town’s project manager for their FY19 CBDG program gave some updates on how the program had been used throughout the year. He said the town had received $550,000 during the FY19 year from the Department of Housing and Urban Development for two programs.

10 Dec

The Granby Selectboard heard from the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission about the upcom-ing task of integrating cli-mate resilience into a master plan through a Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness grant.

09 Dec