Pavement Management

What is the Pavement Management System (PMS)?

PMS is a systematic process of collecting and analyzing pavement data so that cost-effective strategies can be selected to provide and maintain pavements in a serviceable condition.

What is the purpose of PMS?

PVPC's PMS program aims to provide the region's 43 communities with the knowledge and ability to effectively administer available roadway improvement funds. PMS allows pavement conditions to be categorized by level of performance, so that a community can allocate resources accordingly. Salvageable roadway segments can be stabilized with cost-effective repairs before attention is turned to more seriously deteriorated segments that may require reconstruction or major rehabilitation.

How is PMS conducted?

PVPC uses "Road Manager," a prepackaged PMS software program that can be customized to apply pavement management techniques to each municipality's specific roadway needs and priorities. A documented guideline of project priority, cost, and scheduling is produced in a systematic and coordinated manner for every participating community. PVPC assesses present pavement conditions and forecasts them annually based on historically derived roadway deterioration curves. Through the application of improvement funds, various budget scenarios can be compared to identify the condition levels associated with improving, stabilizing, or deteriorating roadway condition performance. Continuing cooperative efforts among a given community, PVPC, and the Massachusetts Highway Department are vital to ensure that data and forecasts are periodically updated and that maintenance and improvement decisions are based on accurate information.

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