Goal #3: Implement and Enhance the Infrastructure that Connects, Sustains and Ensures the Safety and Resiliency of the Region and its Economy

Without a modern, high quality network of infrastructure, a region cannot sustain economic activity, retain its students and workers, or attract visitors, tourists and investment. The Pioneer Valley’s infrastructure includes its transportation, broadband and energy networks; public health and safety resources; housing supply; and natural resources including water supplies, agricultural land and open space/recreational areas. Both local and regional efforts are necessary to ensure consistency, resiliency, and sufficient redundancy to withstand disruptions. The following strategies are meant to achieve these goals:

  1. Enhance High-Tech and Conventional Infrastructure.
  2. Increase Use of Clean Energy to Reduce Business Costs and Improve the Environment.
  3. Enhance Regional Approaches to Public Safety, Public Health and Disaster Resilience.
  4. Develop an Array of Housing Options that Foster Economic Competitiveness.
  5. Revitalize and Protect the Connecticut River and its Watershed.

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