Completed Bike Facility Mileage

Bicycling is generally regarded as one of the most efficient means of transportation - both for the user and the environment at large. Providing and continually extending bicycle-friendly paths can assist communities improve connectivity between destinations, provide transportation options to all users, and reduce the transportation impacts on the environment. The availability of bicycle transportation is also an important factor in individual health outcomes. This indicator measures the total number of miles of on and off-road improved bike facilities. 'Bike facilities' is a broad term that encompasses sign-posted in-road bike routes, bike lanes, shared use paths and paved bike shoulders.

At this time, there is only one year of data available for this indicator. In 2013, a total of 148 miles of bike facilities existed across the Pioneer Valley. Since that time, many proposed bike facilities been built, but the exact number of additional miles is not yet compiled. Bike facilities in the region seem to be concentrated in the more rural and less populated areas of the region. Nearly half of these bike facilities are located within Franklin County (63.4 miles), while Hampshire County has about one third of the facilities and Hampden County has just under 25 percent.