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18 Jun
The Public Participation Plan (PPP) established the process for public involvement in and awareness of the activities of the Pioneer Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization.
12 Jun
The Pioneer Valley Planning Commission (PVPC) first published the list of Top 100 high crash intersections in the region in the year 2008 based on the latest crash data released by MassDOT
03 Jun
This program, conducted in cooperation with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT), assures that Title VI requirements are fully met and that the PVMPO is compliant with federal guidelines and is responsive to the needs of Title VI beneficiaries.
02 Jun
Click Here to go to the Trains in the Valley Website Click Here to go to the MassDOT Statewide Rail Plan Study the feasibility of possible future passenger rail improvements intended to reduce travel time, maximize accessibility, and provide viable transportation alternative.
29 May
2014-2017 TIP endorsed by the MPO on February 27, 2014
28 May
Pioneer Valley MPO Members and Alternates as of 9-28-16.
06 May
The PVMPO has extended the Public Review for the Proposed Changes to the TEC until Monday June 16, 2014.  We are interested in your comments on the proposed new TEC and how it functions to evaluate potential transportation improvement projects.