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07 Dec
ValleyBike Share began this summer with 500 electrically assisted smart bicycles deployed to 50 docking stations in the five cities and towns. Users can buy memberships or rent the bikes.
06 Dec
Agawam Connecticut Riverwalk and Bikeway
The Pioneer Valley Planning Commission (PVPC) is partnering with the Agawam Historical Commission to utilize a $72,000 grant to bring the town’s recordkeeping in compliance with 21st century Massachusetts Historical Commission requirements. The town council and Community Preservation Act Committee approved of the grant last spring.
26 Nov
Agawam Connecticut Riverwalk and Bikeway
Now the Agawam Historical Commission and the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission aim to update the existing inventory with more robust information and research. 
17 Jul
The Baker-Polito Administration is awarding a grant to the Connecticut River Clean-up Committee.
16 Jul
The Baker-Polito administration awarded the grant, which will be administered by the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission, earlier this week.
27 Jun
ValleyBike Share will have its formal launch at Pulaski Park on Thursday, a regional bike share program that will add 500 pedal-assist bicycles to the Pioneer Valley.
04 Jun
Commercial spinoffs and startup companies associated with the University of Massachusetts, advocacy from the Amherst Business Improvement District and engaged and well-educated residents can be the foundation for the town’s future economy.
31 May
When the Massachusetts Department of Transportation released a draft of its five-year state rail plan earlier this year, it faced concerns from transportation advocates and organizations based here in Western Massachusetts that the plan understates our region's economic growth potential. Accordingly, agencies like the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission voiced concerns that the plan doesn't fully reflect rail's impact on the region's economy or how additional rail system investments could help bolster job growth and economic competitiveness
31 May
While restaurants remain strong and more dining options could be successful, there are challenges to bringing more retail establishments to Amherst, according to a draft report and analysis provided to town officials.
01 May
Welcome to April's Pioneer Valley Progress Report! It's been another busy month here at the planning commission, where we've been advocating, and helping local communities implement, programs and policies that make our quality of life better.