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11 Jun
REQUEST FOR PROPOSALSPioneer Valley Planning CommissionMunicipal IT Services The Pioneer Valley Planning Commission (“PVPC” hereafter) is seeking a professional IT services firm to provide full service assistance to PVPC and municipalities in strategic visioning, IT planning services, implementation assistance, regional and municipal data/server hosting, and other ongoing IT related technical assistance.  A more detailed RFP is available at the PVPC.
30 Jan
Shared Document Management System Set-up & Implementation A Municipal Shared Service Collaboration between the City of Northampton and the Towns of Williamsburg, Goshen, Chesterfield, Southampton, and Westhampton
26 Jan
The largest amount received in the region, at $150,000, was received by the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission, which will use the money to create a system for enhancing information technology management in rural communities, with Cummington and Huntington, as well as the Gateway Regional School District, among those designated as pilot participants.
21 Jul
6-Town Municipal IT Assessment District Local Technical Assistance (DLTA)