Public Records Request

02 Mar 2017

General Overview

The Commonwealth’s Public Records Law requires that public entities and municipalities respond to all requests for public information in a timely fashion.  It is also required that guidelines be posted on websites and that categories of public records maintained by public entities be listed.  To comply with this law, the PVPC has created applicable guidelines, processes, and forms.  In addition, a number of PVPC documents are provided electronically on this website.

Records Access Officers (RAO)

The contact information for the PVPC’s RAO’s are as follows:


Primary RAO:           
Indrani Kowlessar
Executive Assistant/Office Manager

Secondary RAO’s:  
James M. Mazik
Deputy Director                               

Timothy W. Brennan
Executive Director                           
Phone:  413.781.6045
Fax:  413.732.2593


Requests for public records may be made orally, in person, or in writing (fax, email, letter, by hand).  Telephone requests will not be taken.  Requests must be made to all three (3) Records Access Officers.

A reasonable description of the document(s) requested should be provided to the RAO’s.  Requests must be for records in the possession of the PVPC and must be focused and specific.  All requests should include the name of the requestor, contact information such as a mailing address, phone number, and email address.  If in writing, the request should be signed and dated. 

The requestor will be notified within ten (10) days whether the request seeks copies of disclosable public records in the possession of the PVPC.  In most cases, the request will be processed within ten (10) business days.

The PVPC may invoke an extension of time to produce records to comply with a request, if:

a) the requested information is located off-site;

b) the request involves the examination and reproduction of
    a voluminous number of records;

c) consultation with another agency, municipality, or branch of
    government having substantial interest in the request is required.


The PVPC will adhere to the fee schedule allowed by the Commonwealth for complying with public records requests.  Currently this is:

  • Five (5) cents for black and white prints and/or copies.
  • Staff time after the first four (4) hours for compiling, segregating, redacting, and reproducing records.  These charges are subject to the approval of the Commonwealth’s Supervisor of Records and cannot exceed $25 per hour or the lowest paid worker with the skills necessary to do such work.

Available Electronic Records

The following documents are available on this website:

  • PVPC Bid and Contract Awards
  • Commission Meeting Minutes
  • Executive Committee Minutes
  • Annual Budget
  • Annual Report
  • Miscellaneous

Click here to download availble files

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