Williamsburg Open Space and Recreation Plan Update

The Town of Williamsburg is undertaking a planning effort to develop an updated Williamsburg Open Space and Recreation Plan (OSRP), which was last completed in 2010. Once the OSRP is adopted, the town will become eligible for numerous state, federal, and private foundation grant opportunities for park and conservation projects. 

Public comment is critically important to developing a plan that meets the needs of Williamsburg ’s residents for the next seven years, when the plan will be in effect. Residents were asked to complete a survey to identify open spaces and recreational activities important to them. The Williamsburg Open Space and Recreation Plan Update Committee held a public visioning session on September 12, 2019, to discuss the purpose and content of open space and recreation plans, review findings from over 220 survey respondants, and conduct group discussions on local needs, challenges, and priorities for implementation.

The plan update is being developed by the Williamsburg Open Space and Recreation Plan update Committee. The Pioneer Valley Planning Commission assisted the committee with plan organization, data collection, map generation, and public engagement through a FY19 District Local Technical Assistance Grant from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.