Regional Municipal Accounting

PVPC's Regional Municipal Accounting Program is a fee-for-service program that offers professional financial management services for the prudent and proper supervision of the financial affairs of Town's. Its goal is to discharge the duties contained in Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 41, Sections 55 through 6 in the effort to assist municipalities enhance its municipal accounting functions and performance through an effective, practical, and functional regional program.  

The success of our program is largely due to our shared commitment to five domains that focus on streamlining productivity and achieving consistency.  These five domains of focus are:

  • Outsourcing -  We have developed a contractual-base program with a CPA firm that has the appropriate capacity to provide municipal accountant services and oversight. The contracting firm is directly responsible for providing the accounting services on behalf of the PVPC. The PVPC provides administrative oversight of the program - including procuring the services, coordinating contractual and financial management, and providing program coordination - with oversight of participating Towns;
  • Achieving Equity - Transparency and control is very important for Towns. Our program allows participating municipalities to engage in quarterly evaluations to ensure greater quality and satisfaction of services received. Additionally, participating communities get monthly activity sheets to keep track of accounting progress. Lastly, during moments of procuring for services, participating municipalities get to be involved with the selection process;
  • Standardized software - Each community that participates in the regional program must use the same accounting software so that it's streamlined to achieve consistency and keeps the program productive;
  • Remote Access - This allows the contracting firm to have direct remote access to a municipal computer system at the participating municipalities when working offsite - this streamlines productivity and achieves consistency;
  • Standardized procedures - Every participating municipality must be subject to following one standardized procedure. This will keep the program consistent and helps with productivity.   

Services include but not limited to (depending on accountant needs of municipality):

  • Warrant input
  • Journal entries
  • Assistance with reconciliation of cash and receivables
  • Year-end closing entries
  • Free Cash certification
  • Assistance with tax recap and Schedule A preparation

The benefits for Town's that participate in this program include:

  • Professional, qualified, trained staff 
  • Staff are mentored on specifics of municipal accounting, GASB, UMAS, partnering with DOR DLS 
  • Back up staff available if primary accountant is sick or otherwise unable to provide services 
  • No need to go through the hiring process 
  • No need to maintain employee paperwork 
  • No retirement issues 
  • PEACE OF MIND: Local officials know town accounting is being completed efficiently and effectively in adherence to Mass. General Laws. 

How to Sign Up

  • Towns in need of services are reviewed on a case-by-case basis;
  • An initial evaluation is required. The fee for the evaluation is $1,500. The assessment will provide a complete and insightful representation of the municipalities financial condition as well as offer recommendations for improvements. In addition, the evaluation allows the PVPC and the contracting firm to determine the level of financial support the municipality will need to succeed in the Regional Municipal Accounting program. 
For more information about the program and how to get your municipality enrolled, contact Joshua A. Garcia, Municipal Services Manager,, 413-781-6045.


Participating Municipalities:

  • Blandford
  • Chesterfield
  • Goshen

Contracting Regional Municipal Accounting Firm:

Eric A. Kinsherf, CPA



Regional Roundtable Luncheon
Keynote: Municipal Accounting & Finance


Press Release: open enrollment - PVPC Regional Municipal Accounting Program
Press Release: open enrollment - PVPC Regional Municipal Accounting Program

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