Clean Energy Roadmap

The Clean Energy Roadmap outlines a set of detailed, actionable steps to implementing a project, program or policy that will increase the use of renewable energy generation, renewable heating and cooling, building energy efficiency, and sustainable transportation. It incorporates information gathered through consultations with municipal and RPA staff, meeting with the clean energy working group, and public forum. As such, it serves both as a record of the CESP process while also establishing a viable path for communities to achieve their clean energy goals.

The Roadmap’s goals and supporting strategies were created under the leadership of the Pioneer Valley Clean Energy Working Group. Composed of 13 local leaders from all four participating communities (Holyoke, Hadley, Easthampton and Amherst)- and led by Catherine Ratte and David Elvin of the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission (PVPC)- the Working Group collaborated with businesses, residents and non-profit leaders across the region. Together they discussed clean energy project objectives, potential development concerns, as well as opportunities and resources that could be leveraged to support clean energy projects in the region. The Working Group also collaborated with technical experts to asses and refine the clean energy strategies in this roadmap.

In addition to the roadmap document, this project includes a gallery of maps filled with data that correspond to sections of the roadmap. They can be found here:

Project Manager

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Catherine Ratté
Director Land Use and Environment Department



Clean Energy Roadmap
This document was the final clean energy roadmap.