Affordable Access to Regional Coordination (AARC)

Massachusetts has made real strides to develop clean energy and efficiency upgrades for residents. However, there are several challenges to overcome to deliver these benefits to low- and moderate-income households.

The Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources has developed the Affordable Access to Clean and Efficient Energy (AACEE) initiative to address these challenges. PVPC has been tasked through the Affordable Access to Regional Coordination (AARC) arm of this initiative provide resources and information to our partner municipalities and community organizations to help low and moderate income residents access cost-saving, clean, and efficient energy technologies.

Click here for more information on Equitable Access to Renewable Energy and Efficient Energy
Click here for information on available Clean Energy Programs for residential customers (including both renters and property owners) in the Commonwealth

Extreme Heat Resources
Extreme heat can be deadly and it disproportionately impacts communities of color, older adults and low-income residents. The COVID-19 emergency is making it harder to safely offer cooling solutions that municipalities have used for years.
Click here for information on resources that may be helpful to municipalities who want to help residents stay cool—and healthy--this summer.

Project Manager

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Catherine Ratté
Director Land Use and Environment Department