Metro Hartford-Springfield Rail Economic Benefits

13 May 2021

A new report commissioned by the Capitol Region Council of Governments, CRCOG in consultation with the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission, PVPC estimates significant economic benefits would result from two sets of proposed passenger rail improvements. On May 6th at Union Station in Springfield, MA, Congressman Richard Neal, along with CT Congressman John B. Larson announced the findings. Present at the event with the Congressmen were Lyle Wray, Executive Director of CRCOG, who's agency along with engineering firm AECOM authored the report, and Kimberly Robinson, Executive Director of the PVPC who consulted on the report.  The improvements, which include finishing the Hartford Line and connecting it to Worcester, Massachusetts, would have a transformative effect on regional and state economies. The report projects between $47 and $84 billion in new regional Gross Domestic Product over 30 years would result from the $6 to $9 billion rail investment. This investment would reconstitute a 21st century version of the prior Inland Route—regular train service from Boston to New York via Worcester, Springfield, Hartford, and New Haven, which the region has now lacked for decades.

CRCOG and PVPC invited passenger rail stakeholders from the Metro Hartford-Springfield area to hear the findings of the report directly from its authors, engineering consulting firm AECOM.
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Along with Congressman Richard Neal, also present and speaking at the event were (left to right) CT Congressman John B. Larson, Lyle Wray, Executive Director, CRCOG and Kimberly Robinson Executive Director, PVPC.

The Economic Benefits of Regional Rail Investments in Metro Hartford-Springfield Report (pdf)

Metro Hartford-Springfield: Economic Benefits of Regional Rail info sheet (pdf)