Community & Stakeholder Outreach & Engagement Consulting Services - Springfield Climate Action Resilience Plan

Validity Period: 

12/29/2016 to 01/17/2017

PVPC is seeking a Community & Stakeholder Outreach & Engagement consultant to assist with the design, plan, and implementation, evaluation, and refinement as necessary over time, of a community and stakeholder outreach/engagement plan, including conducting extensive outreach to the public and key stakeholders  to solicit input and facilitate meaningful involvement in the City of Springfield Climate Action Resilience Plan development and implementation.

The Consultant will work closely with PVPC to develop and implement a comprehensive action plan to identify and engage stakeholders in Springfield and the region/state, including working with PVPC and other key partners to establish criteria for who should be involved and at what levels and for articulating how decisions will be made on targets of outreach and engagement given a constrained budget. The response must include a social justice foundation with priority given to engaging the cities' most vulnerable residents including a focus on the resiliency of infrastructure related to serving vulnerable residents and engagement of the key stakeholders responsible for such infrastructure, including physical infrastructure such as roads, utilities, communication and health care as well as regulatory infrastructure such as building code and zoning regulations.

A more detailed Request for Proposal is available at the PVPC, 60 Congress Street, Springfield, MA 01104, (413) 781-6045.  The PVPC reserves the right to reject any and all proposals if it is deemed in the best interests of the PVPC to do so.

Completed proposals are to be submitted no later than 3:00 PM, Tuesday, January 17, 2017 at the PVPC, 60 Congress Street, Springfield, MA 01104

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