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09 Feb
The SOLAR BEST PRACTICES GUIDE was a project document funded with support by the Massachusetts District Local Technical Assistance Fund.
21 Jun
PVPC worked with the Town of Pelham on zoning changes to enable the development of a village center in West Pelham. This project was active from 2015-2016. It was funded by District Local Technical Assistance
21 Jun
PVPC collaborated with the Town of Williamsburg's Elder Services/Council on Aging, Healthy Hampshire and WalkBoston on a project that examined how healthy aging in Williamsburg is affected by the Town's Community Design.
26 Sep
cover image for document, Municipal Strategies to Increase Food Access
The second volume of the Healthy Community Design Toolkit is now ready for download and use. This volume focuses on strategies that cities and towns can use to increase food access for their residents.
08 Jun
By Shira Shoenberg, MassLive.com/Springfield Republican June 8, 2016 [PVPC Executive Director Tim] Brennan said the goal is "to strike a middle ground," giving municipalities oversight while allowing development.
10 Mar
View of Pelham Community Center
We are working with Pelham on zoning revisions related to strengthening the village center in West Pelham. Several past planning studies have identified West Pelham as an appropriate location for a village center.