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21 Sep
PVPC worked with the City of Holyoke to develop a bike network plan for the City's streets. The plan is currently in draft format and is being reviewed by city staff and the Holyoke bicycle and pedestrian committee. Download the plan below.
12 Jul
In 2015, PVPC conducted health-based regulatory reviews for three Massachusetts communities: Belchertown, Greenfield, and Weymouth. We undertook a comprehensive review to compare each community's plans, policies and regulations to the recommendations in the Healthy Community Design Toolkit.
26 Oct
A portion of the proposed plan for Pleasant Street Improvements in Northampton
PVPC has completed a Health Impact Assessment (HIA) of the City of Northampton’s proposed improvements to Pleasant Street. The results of the HIA show that the proposed Pleasant Street Improvements would have an overwhelmingly positive health impact with local and regional significance. 
11 Jun
The Daily Hampshire Gazette published an article following up on the Pleasant Street Walk Audit on June 25. This article may be behind a paywall:
22 May
Please come to a health-focused walk audit of Pleasant Street in Northampton on June 10 at 5:30 p.m. Join your neighbors to walk, talk, and share how Pleasant Street affects your health.
22 May
An Advisory Committee for the Pleasant Street Health Impact Assessment (HIA) has been formed. The Committee will work with the PVPC project team to steer the HIA, obtain local input, review draft documents and prioritize recommendations.
22 May
Pioneer Valley Planning Commission is working with Metropolitan Area Planning Commission and Massachusetts Department of Public Health on a Health Impact Assessment (HIA) of planned street improvements to Pleasant Street in Northampton. 
12 Mar
Aerial view of proposed design for Walnut St. Extension
PVPC is working with the Town of Agawam on redevelopment planning for the Walnut Street Extension area.  The goal is to transform the area into a vibrant town center for Agawam. 
20 Feb
Aerial view of proposal for Walnut St. Extention from northeast. Shows proposed improvements including propsed entry arch, on-street parking, wide sidewalks, and new street trees.
PVPC has released a conceptual design for Walnut Street Extension. The proposed design consolidates parking from private lots into plentiful on-street parking. This has the potential to improve parking utilization, increase the total number of parking spots, and streamline maintenance.