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11 Jul
 A team of volunteers is about to start testing the quality of the Connecticut River here in the Pioneer Valley.
11 Jul
In recent public hearings, college students and staff, commuters and others are presenting a united front against proposed cuts to Pioneer Valley Transit Authority bus service.
11 Jul
At the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission (PVPC), we have been encouraged of late to hear such a renewed focus on infrastructure in public discourse. 
27 Jun
 Plans for more passenger rail service to Paradise City and a full-length platform are chugging along, officials say, and new ridership statistics show Northampton is playing a pivotal role.
20 Jun
The "secret stream" known as Day Brook will be the focus of a mural created by Sullivan School students to be unveiled from 1 to 2:30 p.m. on Saturday at Community Field off Cherry Street.
19 Jun
The Open Space and Planning Committee, who is heading the effort along with a District Local Technical Assistance Grant from the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission, is requesting ideas from residents to help guide them in the formation of the open space and recreational plan that will be replacing the city’s current one.
02 Jun
Friday’s meeting in West Springfield brought together area healthcare professionals. It was meant to identify the problems and come up with solutions.
23 May
The City Council on Monday night approved a plan for the PVTA to install concrete landing pads at 143 bus stops around the city to allow easier handicapped accessibility.
23 May
ValleyBike Share, which plans to put up rent-a-bike stations across the Pioneer Valley including Springfield Union Station and the Amherst town green, has a federal funding contract in hand just in time for Bay State Bike Week. 
11 Apr
The Community Compact signed last year by the six Gateway hilltowns of Chester, Middlefield, Huntington, Blandford, Russell and Montgomery has produced a lot of forward momentum. The Hilltown Collaborative, the group formed to work on the compact’s goals of economic growth and shared services met on Thursday in Stanton Hall to work on specifics of several different projects.