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05 Jan
2017 was a banner year for economic growth in the Pioneer Valley. Several of Springfield’s economic development projects came to fruition in 2017, and more are on the way with an expected $5-billion in investment for the region.
04 Jan
Agawam Connecticut Riverwalk and Bikeway
Michelle Chase, the town's engineer, and Patty Gambarini, principal environmental planner for the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission, are among the officials who are expected to be involved in these ongoing discussions.
28 Dec
Many municipalities have subdivision rules that are decades old, resulting in wide, over-designed streets; excessive stormwater runoff; pavement heat islands; and unnecessary development costs, according to the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission.  
28 Dec
The Phoenix Awards Institute has recognized Springfield Union Station as the best example of brownfield redevelopment in the country for 2017.
28 Dec
CTrail’s Hartford Line may be ready to take more commuters from New Haven to Springfield in May 2018, but getting to Boston by the new rail line is not expected anytime soon.
28 Dec
"We have to learn to invest in infrastructure," said Tim Brennan, executive director of the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission.
28 Dec
The Commission plans to give the public a chance to comment on the draft regulations
22 Nov
Agawam Connecticut Riverwalk and Bikeway
Chris Dunphy of the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission explained to the board at its Nov. 16 meeting that while the vast majority of CDGB funds are earmarked for so-called “entitlement cities,” such as Boston, Springfield, Chicopee and Holyoke, approximately $30 million will be available for smaller cities and towns through a competitive application process, which starts with the CDS.
01 Nov
A third of the county’s teens who date are at risk for getting into abusive relationships, according to a recent study.
12 Oct
In housing and mobility, we could learn a lot more than just how to host Amazon