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08 Aug
By Bera Dunau EASTHAMPTON – Thanks to the partnership of seven different communities and the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission, local microbusinesses can apply for substantial grants to help them through the pandemic.
08 Aug
Agawam Connecticut Riverwalk and Bikeway
By Sarah Heinonen AGAWAM – For small businesses in Agawam that have been hurt by the COVID-19 pandemic, help is on the way.
12 Dec
This effort was a collaboration with the boards of Selectmen and town administrators, the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission and Police Chief Daniel Ilnicky, who was sworn in as chief in Blandford in September of 2018 and has served as chief in Chester for over 10 years.
05 Aug
Over the past year Ilnicky, town administrators from Blandford and Chester, and a manager from the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission have been drafting an agreement to merge resources for both departments. Intended to cut costs and increase efficiency, the agreement will double the number of part-time officers patrolling the towns to 12. The plan, now in its final stages, is awaiting approval from the town select boards in the coming months.
05 Aug
The Pioneer Valley Planning Commission announced Thursday that it has signed a three-year, contract with a starting salary of $160,000 with incoming Executive Director Kimberly Robinson, and that she will begin work Oct. 7.
05 Aug
We’re more than halfway there, and we have a few weeks left of the summer,” said Goren-Watts, a principal planner and manager of data, education and municipal technology at the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission. “We need you all to keep reading, tell all your friends to keep reading.”
30 Jul
“The base funding is incredibly important. The RTAs know what they’re getting from local governments, and they have a pretty good idea what they’re getting from the feds, but the state funding is always a wild card,” says Patrick Beaudry, the Manager of Public Affairs for the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission.