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06 Jan
The Pioneer Valley Planning Commission, Valley Opportunity Council and Nuestras Racies is joining with Chicopee and Holyoke officials to try to reduce sewer overflows by planting more trees and urban gardens in areas which will reduce runoff which flows into combined storm drains and sewer pipes and eventually overflows in to rivers.
04 Jan
A set of grants awarded Thursday is aimed at helping communities to work together to boost resiliency against severe storm events, fight mosquito-borne illnesses and better manage the Connecticut River.
21 Dec
NORTHAMPTON---A medical marijuana dispensary, a hospital, a bank, and a college will co-sponsor bicycle-sharing stations in Northampton, Mayor David Narkewicz has announced.
30 Nov
HUNTINGTON – The Hilltown Collaborative and MassDevelopment jointly sponsored an open house on Tuesday in Stanton Hall. Members of the six Gateway communities (Russell, Huntington, Montgomery, Blandford, Chester and Middlefield) were asked to drop in anytime between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. and share their vision for the economic future of the hilltowns. Approximately thirty community members participated throughout the day.
29 Nov
NORTHAMPTON – According to the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission, ridership on the Vermonter train has been strong in Northampton. While the number of riders is expected to increase in November and December, construction could limit that increase.
28 Nov
Residents in the six Hilltown communities of western Hampden County are are being asked to share their ideas for the future of their region.
28 Nov
NORTHAMPTON--- While Northampton residents tend to be very generous with their time for philanthropic endeavors, the lion's share of volunteer hours tend to focus on charities and non-profits rather than participating on local boards and commissions and at public meetings.
17 Nov
HUNTINGTON---The Hilltown Collaborative, the group that was awarded a Community Compact grant to help the six Gateway hilltowns work together on economic development and resource sharing, is sponsoring an Open House on Tuesday, November 29 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. in Stanton Hall.
27 Oct
Springfield Skyline
SPRINGFIELD – Thirty-two western Massachusetts organizations came together Wednesday night to talk about the future of climate change.
25 Oct
BELCHERTOWN – Local officials are finalizing plans to help keep polluted stormwater out of Arcadia Lake.