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21 Jun
PVPCĀ collaborated with the Town of Williamsburg's Elder Services/Council on Aging, Healthy Hampshire and WalkBoston on a project that examined how healthy aging in Williamsburg is affected by the Town's Community Design.
26 Sep
cover image for document, Municipal Strategies to Increase Food Access
The second volume of the Healthy Community Design Toolkit is now ready for download and use. This volume focuses on strategies that cities and towns can use to increase food access for their residents.
12 Jul
In 2015, PVPC conducted health-based regulatory reviews for three Massachusetts communities: Belchertown, Greenfield, and Weymouth. We undertook a comprehensive review to compare each community's plans, policies and regulations to the recommendations in the Healthy Community Design Toolkit.
14 May
The Healthy Community Design Toolkit is an ongoing project of PVPC and Massachusetts Department of Public Health. It provides guidance about healthy community design to Mass in Motion coordinators, municipal staff and board members and local advocates across Massachusetts.