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23 Jun
Hamsphire County Food Access Map
We are working with Healthy Hampshire on an assessment of healthy food access in Hampshire County. As part of our work, PVPC developed an online map about healthy food access in the County.
13 Jan
This plan presents goals, recommendations, and actions for our state’s food system that were generated through an extensive public process directed by the Massachusetts Food Policy Council and carried out by a planning team of the Boston Metropolitan Area Planning Council
21 Apr
Spring is (finally) in full swing, and so many thoughts are turning to where healthy local food can be found.
30 Jan
Hungry for food planning? Join us at a Listening Session for the Massachusetts Food System Plan: Tuesday, February 3, from 4:00 to 5:30 p.m.
09 Jun
The Massachusetts Food Policy Council is sponsoring the development of the first statewide food systems plan in Massachusetts since the 1970s.
15 May
PVPC staff will meet with the Belchertown Agricultural Commission at Town Hall (2 Jabish St).
07 May
PVPC is assisting the Massachusetts Food Policy Council with the development of a Food Systems Plan for the entire Commonwealth.
02 May
The Pioneer Valley is fortunate to have an extremely well organized and highly functioning regional food system that addresses both food insecurity and development of a sustainable food system through long-standing, successful efforts by groups with a regional vision such as the Food Bank of West
01 May
“Our Next Future” was created to chart a course for a more vibrant, competitive, sustainable and equitable region. This is a regional plan, designed to achieve success through promoting collaboration of communities on a regional basis.