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21 Jul
6-Town Municipal IT Assessment District Local Technical Assistance (DLTA)
21 Jun
PVPC worked with the Town of Pelham on zoning changes to enable the development of a village center in West Pelham. This project was active from 2015-2016. It was funded by District Local Technical Assistance
03 Sep
PVPC Towns: Monson, Palmer, and Ware CMRPC Towns: Warren Animal Cross-Border Control Shelter Service Analysis and Implementation (DLTA 2015, 2017 & 2018)
18 Jun
Meeting Notice Animal Cross Boarder Control Task Force Meeting A G E N D A                                                                                                                       
05 May
Downtown Ware
The next Task Force Meeting is scheduled for May 19 at 2:00pm. The meeting will take place at the Palmer Town Hall Rm 1.  Check back for Agenda... http://www.pvpc.org/projects/crossborderanimalshelter  
10 Mar
View of Pelham Community Center
We are working with Pelham on zoning revisions related to strengthening the village center in West Pelham. Several past planning studies have identified West Pelham as an appropriate location for a village center.
12 Aug
Municipal Regional Roundtable and Valley Development Council District Local Technical Assistance 2018 Keynote: Regulations for Adult Use of Marijuana PANEL