Shared Municipal Services

The Shared Municipal Services program was developed to assist local government leaders in identifying opportunities for efficiency and economy of scale, and to recent state program policies and resources encouraging and incentivizing municipalities and schools to pursue collaboration, partnerships, and shared service opportunities. PVPC member communities have expressed interest in shared service collaborations covering a range of services including e-permitting/e-government, collaborative fiscal planning, shared inspections and animal control, shared municipal support services opportunities, shared grant writing, regional recycling and waste disposal programs, shared information technology services, bulk purchasing and procurement services, shared public health services, and equipment sharing.

Additionally, the PVPC hosts a series of Regional Roundtable Discussions with local leaders of our 43 member municipalities that focus on  specific municipal service issues. Through these discussions, we identify ways that we can assist to address these issues through enhanced or a shared service approach. Regional Roundtable Discussions held in the past include Municipal Energy Aggregation; understanding the economic costs incurred in Hampden County due to the county's poor health rankings; understanding the recent changes to the flood regulations and how it impacts local communities; Municipal IT; and Municipal Drinking Water Supply.

This service is funded under the Commonwealth’s District Local Technical Assistance program through which PVPC annually selects projects proposed by municipal partners that show promise for meeting the program’s goals and are aligned with their prioritized 'best practice' efforts through the Governor's Community Compact Cabinet Initiative.

For more information, contact Eric Weiss - Municipal Services Manager. P: 413.781.6045 E: