Town of Pelham's Housing Needs Assessment and Action Plan

The Pelham Housing Needs Study is a report of the town of Pelham Community Preservation Committee (CPC).  The report was prepared by a team comprised of Connie Kruger (Connie Kruger Planning and Housing Consultant), Jennifer Goldson( JM Goldson community preservation +planning) and Jayne Armington (PVPC) were selected to provide housing data on Pelham and the surrounding area, hold a community meeting, prepare a community survey about housing, identify eligible community housing activities using CPA funds, identify available housing programs and resources, and make recommendations for town strategies to address housing needs. 

The Pelham Housing Needs Study includes data gathered from many sources including reports and studies of Pelham, in-person interviews with a range of Pelham residents, public survey results and the outcomes from the June 11, 2014 community meeting.  In addition, the Study includes a series of recommended strategies based on identified housing needs.  The 2014 Pelham Housing Needs Study is intended to assist the Pelham CPC, as well as other town boards and committees, in implementing housing strategies and allocating resources for meeting community housing needs.