South Hadley Survey about Walking and Bicycling nets 528 Responses

22 Sep 2015

On behalf of South Hadley, PVPC conducted a survey of residents and visitors to South Hadley about their experiences bicycling and walking in the town. The survey asked what people like and do not like about walking and bicycling in South Hadley and what improvements could make a difference to their experience. The survey ran from April through July 2015. Though the survey is officially closed and we have tallied responses, it is still active and can be accessed at:

Here are some highlights of the survey results:

  • 528 total responses
  • Nearly 85% of all responders were South Hadley residents
  • Non-resident responses were primarily workers and students.
  • Nearly 85% of all responders reported they walk at least 10 minutes/day
  • Over 40% report walking over 30 minutes/day
  • 90% would like to walk more often and 75% would like to bike more often
  • 70% consider their neighborhood good for walking.
  • Approximately 20% feel South Hadley is unsafe for walking.
  • 85% show an interest in connecting trails to neighboring communities
Thank you to all who participated. More detailed results can be found in the powerpoint presentation delivered at the September 16 visioning session. Results will also be included in the Comprehensive Plan for Bicycle/Pedestrian Routs and Hiking Trails, which will be the end product of this project.