The Sentinel: Granby BOS talks MVP grant

09 Dec 2020


The Granby Selectboard heard from the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission about the upcom-ing task of integrating cli-mate resilience into a master plan through a Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness grant.

Patty Gambarini of Pioneer Valley Planning Commission presented the project to the board last week.The town, partnering with PVPC and the Massachusetts Executive Office of Environ-mental Affairs, are working on two major elements of the grant – regulatory review for resilience and updating the town’s 2016 master plan.The town is on a tight dead-line to have the work com-pleted by June 2021.

Using $34,272 and grant funding and about $19,000 from the town, the total project cost is $53,304.Regulatory review“The regulatory review for resilience is being more able to adapt to changes we’re see-ing in weather due to climate,” she said.

She said she would be doing most of the work related to regulatory review.

“The major piece of work is on stormwater manage-ment and integrating the consideration of new rain-fall data that’s much more updated than the 1960s data, or before 1960s, that a lot of our regulatory code refers to,” Gambarini said.

“There are a lot of standards for MS4 stan-dards including that projects take a low impact develop-ment approach.”PVPC will look at per-mitting and process, which “needs to be aligned with the other permits required.”

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