RIPC: Allow us to reintroduce ourselves!

02 Mar 2017
Research - Analysis - Presentation
Whether you are a municipal official in need of multimedia production, a local business in need of market analysis & mapping services or a non-profit looking for the most current demographic information, the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission's Regional Information & Policy Center (RIPC)  is here to help you meet your goals.
For years, our non-profit, public and private sector neighbors in the Pioneer Valley have counted on the RIPC to provide the most current, professionally produced and competitively priced data collection & analysis, GIS mapping services, report design & production, website design & administration, and multimedia production.
Examples of our work in the past year have included:
  • Producing logistical maps for public safety departments
  • Collaborating with a local foundation to identify and promote educational resources available to young families in Springfield
  • Providing data and analysis for Community Health Needs Assessments
  • Trail system mapping for Towns/Conservation Commissions  -- Brochures and online map production
  • Food distribution and demographics mapping for a major food bank service provider
  • Grant application data & mapping support
  • Municipal infrastructure mapping - sidewalks, road maintenance documentation, water & sewer lines
If you have data, analysis, mapping, design, graphic or multimedia production needs and think the RIPC can help, please visit our website to learn more about RIPC services offered to public and private/non-profit clients or contact