PVPC now offering Municipal Accounting Services

28 Jan 2016

PVPC now offering Municipal Accounting Services

Budget season is upon us and as local government leaders are moving forward with establishing budget priorities in preparation for the new fiscal year, make note of PVPC's municipal accounting services now being offered to assist with local accounting functions and performance through a cooperative effort for member municipalities’ in need. The PVPC has secured a CPA firm to work with the PVPC and provide this service to help our communities meet their municipal accounting functions. In 2015, the PVPC launched a pilot-scale program with the Town of Chesterfield.  Today, the PVPC is now seeking to expand its service to other member communities in need. From now until the end of this fiscal, we look to identify new municipalities who wish to join - in preparation for execution for the start of the coming new fiscal year.

PVPC's Regional Municipal Accounting Service program is a fee-for-service program that offers professional financial management services for the prudent and proper supervision of the financial affairs of local municipalities.   The goal of this program  is to discharge the duties contained in Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 41, Sections 55 through 6 in the effort to assist municipalities in an interim or full-time capacity. 

For more information, visit www.pvpc.org/projects/regional-municipal-accounting-0 or contact PVPC Municipal Services Coordinator at 413.781.6045 - jgarcia@pvpc.org.