PVPC Drone Utilized to Evaluate Traffic Delay at I-391 Exit 3 in Chicopee

05 Jun 2018

Check out a time-lapse version of the video being used by our transportation planners to evaluate the traffic conditions and make potential recommendations on how delay may be mitigated.



The PVPC drone was launched near I-391 Exit 3 (Chicopee St.) during peak evening traffic to observe conditions at that location.

Of particular interest were long delays and back-ups at the northbound off-ramp. PVPC's sUAS (drone) flight crew set the drone up to fly in a stationary position, just under 200 ft. above the ground.
The video camera recorded 4k HD photos and video while in the air between 4:34 PM and 4:51 PM on Thursday 5/17/18.

This is just one of the many possible applications for local projects that PVPC could offer as a service to our member municipalities.

Municipal officials representing PVPC member communities are encouraged to contact Todd Zukowski for ideas or more information on how PVPC might be able to help use the drone in local projects.