Post-COVID-19 Traffic Impacts

08 Apr 2020
While the region does not seem to have become the total ghost town that we may have originally anticipated, traffic is noticeably lighter since all the COVID-19 shut-downs...
After having taken photos pre-COVID-19 for MassDOT in early March, I had the chance to return to Page Blvd. @ Berkshire Ave. in Springfield on Monday, April 7th. Photos were taken with the drone during the same weekday peak period.
There was more traffic than I expected, but the lower volume was certainly noted.
In the Pre_COVID photo, 39 vehicles can be counted in the Page Blvd. eastbound approach to Berkshire Ave.
In the Post-COVID photo, only 18 vehicles were counted in the longest queue observed between 5:00 and 5:30 PM. While the drone camera angles were slightly different, it is still easy to see just how much traffic had diminished.
I prepared the attached image to demonstrate the "before" and "after" conditions observed. A reference line has been placed on the image, indicating the difference in where the queue ended post-COVID vs. pre-COVID shut-downs.
I hope you find it interesting to see the difference in traffic in our area.
Todd Zukowski
GIS/Cartographic Section Manager
Pioneer Valley Planning Commission