Country Journal: Improvements made to Chester-Blandford state forest visitor experience

26 Jan 2021

Members of the Hilltown Footpath collaorative recently installed a welcome area with an informational kiosk and granite benches at the Sanderson Brook Trail parking area at Chester-Blandford State Forest.

Chester Town Administrator Katherine Warden said, "Given the much higher use we've have been seeing at the State Forest during the pandemic, we are thrilled about this project. It means that visitors have a place to look at maps and orient themselves before taking a hike.

The project was made possible by a grant to the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission from the Commonwealth's Mass Trails Grant Program, administered by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation. For the welcome area project, Allen Williams of Chester Granite Company, Inc. also donated two of the granite benches, labor, and use of a boom truck for the installation. Canterbury Farms' David Bacon built the kiosk and DCR produced the beautiful interpretive signs installed within the kiosk.

Watch a brief video on the kiosk here.