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Welcome to the Town of Hardwick’s Community Development Program web page! The Town recently received funding through a FY2016 Community Development Block Grant for $796,836. The funding will be used for infrastructure improvements to Prospect and Broad Streets, municipal building accessibility improvement design, and supporting the domestic violence prevention service. 

Ongoing CDBG Projects:

  • Housing Rehabilitation: The Ware River Valley Regional Housing Rehabilitation Program will make improvements to an estimated 16 eligible housing units in the region’s two target areas (9 in Hardwick and 7 in Ware). Improvements will include repair and/or replacement of basic building systems, lead and hazardous materials abatement, removal of architectural barriers, and corrections to sanitary code and building code violations in both owner-occupied and investor-owned units. It is expected that there will be approximately 32 low- and moderate-income beneficiaries assisted through this program.
  • Senior Weekend Meals Program: Working with a chosen vendor, the Town of Hardwick will provide Saturday lunches to participating seniors as part of the Hardwick Senior Center’s meal program.
  • Environmental Hazards Study for 179: Working with a consultant, this study will examine known and suspected environmental hazards at the now-vacant 179 Main Street property, which include known building-related contaminants (asbestos, lead paint and others) and suspected soil and/or groundwater contaminants related to an underground heating oil tank. The resulting document will equip the town with the information necessary to make an informed decision regarding cleanup and reuse of the property and its on-site building.

Hardwick is also part of the regional social services with the Town of Ware, funded through this grant, which include:

  • The Literacy Project (TLP): TLP Ware Adult Learning Center provides an integrated curriculum of Adult Basic Education, preparation for the High School Equivalency Test, and economic literacy to undereducated residents of the Ware River Valley, notably to reach the towns of Ware and Hardwick.
  • PATCH Program (Planned Approach to Community Health): PATCH provides staff in Ware and Hardwick who offer limited transportation to appointments and adult education, and limited childcare during appointments. Staff help prioritize, plan, and teach life management skills, offer interpersonal support, and mentoring to people in need.
  • Domestic Violence Task Force Program: The project is directed by a Community Task Force comprised of local residents, as well as representatives from agencies that serve the region including, police, schools, courts, health workers, local faith leaders, domestic violence shelters and programs, and child care agencies. The Task Force will work on prevention initiatives, community education and outreach, providing support groups and individual domestic violence advocacy services for victims, and professional training and development for local schools and health workers.

Community Development Advisory Committee Members

  • Lucinda Childs
  • Theresa Cofske
  • Harry Comerford
  • Erik Fleming
  • Rod Leehy

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Please note that Community Development Advisory Committee meeting notices and agendas are available on Hardwick's My Town Government page located here


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Hardwick Community Development Strategy
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Hardwick Community Development Strategy