Environment and Land Use

PVPC's Environment and Land Use section works to protect the environment of the Pioneer Valley region, promote economically and environmentally healthy communities, and encourage sustainable land use. Working with municipalities, state and federal agencies, community organizations, non-profit groups, and private sector partners, the Environment and Land Use section promotes local action, regional cooperation, and state initiatives leading to wise use of our resources.

Environment and Land Use staff provide technical expertise and clear guidance that blends community goals with a regional vision to maintain community character, protect the environment, promote smart growth, address the needs of the underrepresented, and improve quality of life throughout the Pioneer Valley region.

Voluntary Vehicle Recycling Program
Click here for more info

Friends of the Connecticut River Walk and Bikeway
Click here for more info.

Westfield River Five-Year Watershed Action Plan

A project Steering Committee has been formed to guide development of the Watershed Action Plan (WAP). Results from a survey will help develop full project descriptions and recommendations to the Executive Office of Environmental Affairs for funding.

For more information, or to appoint a representative to the Steering Committee, contact PVPC Senior Planner Anne Capra at acapra@pvpc.org or (413) 781-6045.

SURVEY: Valley Vision 2 Regional Land Use Plan Update

Valley Vision 2
is a Smart Growth plan, in that it is designed to promote compact, mixed use development in and around existing urban and town centers, while promoting protection of open space and natural resources outside developed centers. Please take a few moments to tell us your thoughts about the draft update of the Pioneer Valley’s Regional Land Use PlanSurvey results will help finalize the update of the plan. Click here to enter Valley Vision 2 website.

For more information, please contact Chris Curtis or Eric Twarog of PVPC's Land Use and Environment Section at 413 781-6045 or chcurtis@pvpc.org and etwarog@pvpc.org. Survey results will be posted in June 2006.


Renewable Energy for the Pioneer Valley

PVPC and FRCOG have been funded by the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative to develop a Strategic Plan for Renewable Energy for the Pioneer Valley. As part of this plan we have developed an inventory of renewable energy activities in the Pioneer Valley. (Click here for a link to a pdf of the inventory). The plan will be completed in Summer 2007. (Click here for a timeline of plan development and a list of ways that you can get involved). The Pioneer Valley Renewable Energy Advisory Committe (PVREC) meets quarterly.

Planning Board Assistance Program

PVPC's new Planning Board Assistance Program is designed for communities lacking access to professional planners or staff.
26 Central Street
Suite 34
West Springfield, MA
413 781-6045
fax: 413 732-2593

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