Workshop to Show How to Design and Build Rain Gardens

07 May 2015

Landscape Architect Tom Benjamin and Ecological Designer Keith Zaltzberg will cover the basics of rain garden design and construction through a hands-on workshop to be held Saturday, May 16, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Springfield Museums, 21 Edwards Street, Springfield, MA.   

The workshop is part of a Pioneer Valley Planning Commission project with the Regenerative Design Group to build up to 10 rain gardens in Springfield and is funded by a settlement agreement reached by Clean Water Action, a non-profit citizens' group. 

Part of the training will involve installing plants in the new rain garden at the Museums.  This workshop is required for those who want to participate in building the other project rain gardens in the coming months and to learn much more from the Regenerative Design Group team. 

Registration is required by Thursday, May 14. The workshop is free, but space is limited.  Contact Patty Gambarini at or (413) 781-6045.

Stormwater flow is a leading source of water pollution. Small and often naturalized facilities like rain gardens can be effective at decreasing stormwater runoff by capturing, treating, and soaking it into the ground on site. By reducing runoff when it rains, less pollutant-laden water reaches our rivers, streams, and ponds. Less runoff also means lower flow velocities and volumes, which can help reduce riverbank erosion, habitat degradation, down-stream flooding, and property damage.

Visit to learn more about green infrastructure stormwater management practices in the Pioneer Valley.