The Westfield News: Recommendations related to Barnes Aquifer possibly coming from BAPAC

13 Mar 2017

WESTFIELD—The Barnes Aquifer Protection Advisory Committee (BAPAC) is expected to give recommendations to the city soon in an attempt to improve the protection of the Barnes Aquifer and other water sources.

The members of BAPAC will be drafting a letter with their recommendations they decided at their regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday. The recommendations discussed at the meeting would be made to try and influence changes to the city’s zoning ordinances.

“We really want to strengthen protection,” Patty Gamborini, BAPAC member, said.


The changes Gamborini suggested focused mostly on language within the already existing ordinance, and included changes to sections on applicability, definitions and dimensional and coverage requirements.

Among the changes, Gamborini mentioned possibly suggesting the removal of language of special permits in the applicability section, which, according to the current ordinance, “may allow for exemption of any portion of the property not within the delineated Water Resource Protection District from any provision of Section 3-170.”

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