South Hadley Visioning Session, September 16, 2015

On September 16, 2015, PVPC and the Town of South Hadley held a public forum and visioning session to share work to date and solicit input related to the "Comprehensive Plan for Bicycle/Pedestrian Routes and Hiking Trails." About 25 people attended the forum. Participants expressed desire for a wide range of improvements related to walking, bicycling, and hiking. They marked up maps showing places that supported or hindered walking and bicycling. They prioritized top opportunities for improvements related to walking/hiking and bicycling in South Hadley.  

Meeting materials can be downloaded below. 

Thank you to all who participated. The information you provided about local conditions for walking and bicycling and your vision of opportunities for improvements will be key components of the Plan. 


S Hadley Visioning Session_Notes_150922.pdf

Meeting Notes-South Hadley Visioning Session_September 16 2015
Meeting notes for a visioning session related to comprehensive planning for walking, biking and hiking in South Hadley
S Hadley Visioning Session_Notes_150922.pdf


Agenda_South Hadley Visioning Session_September 16 2015
Agenda for a visioning session held in South Hadley on September 16 2015

South Hadley Bike Ped Visioning.pdf

Presentation_September 16_South Hadley Ped Bike Hike Plan
Presentation that was delivered at September 16 visioning session for South Hadley planning for walking, bicycling and hiking
South Hadley Bike Ped Visioning.pdf
South Hadley Comprehensive Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan

Associated Communities: 

South Hadley

Associated Project: 

South Hadley Comprehensive Plan for Bicycle/Pedestrian Routes and Hiking Trails