Northampton event aims to 're-energize Democracy' by encouraging participation in the community

28 Nov 2016

NORTHAMPTON--- While Northampton residents tend to be very generous with their time for philanthropic endeavors, the lion's share of volunteer hours tend to focus on charities and non-profits rather than participating on local boards and commissions and at public meetings.

This, according to the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission, which, along with Northampton officials, are set to host a city-wide public meeting on the topic this coming Monday. Scheduled to run from 7 to 9 at the Senior Center, the commission expects to hear from residents on what is causing that lack of interest in municipal matters and make their pitch for the good that can be done through involvement in local government.

The meeting is yet another piece of a larger Re-Energize Democracy campaign in town that has also included outreach to traditionally marginalized groups like low-income public housing residents as well as young professionals.

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