What is the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission?

Since 1962, the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission has been the designated regional planning body for the Pioneer Valley region, which encompasses 43 cities and towns in the Hampden and Hampshire county areas. PVPC is the primary agency responsible for increasing communication, cooperation, and coordination among all levels of government as well as the private business and civic sectors in order to benefit the Pioneer Valley region and to improve its residents' quality of life.

Although PVPC is a public sector agency, it is not a direct arm of the federal or state governments. Rather, it is a consortium of local governments that have banded together under the provisions of state law to address problems and opportunities that are regional in scope. As a result, PVPC's planning area is designated as a special district under the provisions of state enabling legislation.

PVPC is funded through modest annual assessments from its member communities, state and federal grant programs, fees for administering community development block grants, and matching funds.

Communities Map Plainfield Cummington Worthington Middlefield Chester Blandford Tolland Granville Russell Montgomery Huntington Chesterfield Goshen Williamsburg Westhampton Southampton Westfield Agawam Longmeadow West-springfield Holyoke Easthampton Northampton Hatfield Hadley South-Hadley Chicopee Springfield East-Longmeadow Hampden Wilbraham Ludlow Granby Amherst Pelham Belchertown Palmer Monson Wales Holland Brimfield Ware Southwick

Community Projects

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station Plan
District Local technical Assistance (DLTA) 2017

Burgy Revelation Day was a one-day event held on September 9, 2017 that featured demonstrations of four Williamsburg village center improvement projects: a new pocket park (The Tea Garden); a 100’ section of the Mill River Greenway; the footprint of a design for a new Public Safety Complex; and an open house at the Commons Coworking. Discussion areas for the Mill River Greenway, the Public Safety Complex/Town Facilities and the Commons, were filled with presentation boards, maps, drawings, etc.

NOAA Aerial Hurricane

Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) 

PVPC helping to build Climate Resilience 

PVPC was awarded a grant from the MA Office of Technical Assistance and Technology (OTA) and US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to sponsor two workshops designed to educate city officials, community planners, emergency professionals, Regional and Local Emergency Planning Committees (R/LEPCs), municipal users, and businesses about the hazardous chemicals stored, used and transported through their communities. 

6-Town Municipal IT Assessment
District Local Technical Assistance (DLTA)

Hamsphire County Food Access Map

We are working with Healthy Hampshire on an assessment of healthy food access in Hampshire County. As part of our work, PVPC developed an online map about healthy food access in the County. Download a report that explains how to use the map and what it reveals below. 

PVPC is working with the Planning Board of the Town of Williamsburg to implement zoning changes that have been recommended in past planning studies. The project is funded by the District Local Technical Assistance Program for the 2017 calendar year. 

Rural Economic Development Director
Hilltown Collaborative
Community Compact Cabinet Program
MA Efficiency & Regionalization Grant

Since 2011, PVPC has participated in four rounds of technical assistance from the MA DOER to assist member municipalities to achieve Green Community certification. Our region currently has 26 certified Green Communities with 5 more in the works.  Certified Green Communities receive an initial funding award to implement their 20% reduction plans and then have access to grants that can help fund additional energy efficiency projects in the municipality.

The 2018 to 2022 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).  The TIP is a five-year fiscally constrained schedule of priority highway, bridge, transit, and multimodal projects identified by year and location complete with funding source and cost